Scientific Name/Common Name:Hoodia gordonii / Hoodia

Part(s) Used:Stems

Constituents/Active Ingredients:Steroidal glycosides (including P57), a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates.

Overview:Hoodia is a traditional African cactus-like succulent plant that grows to over six feet tall known as Ghaap or Xhoba. For thousands of years, African tribesmen have eaten the succulent stems of Hoodia plants to stave off hunger and thirst on long hunting trips. Initial scientific research found that Hoodia's potential appetite-suppressing active ingredient, dubbed P57, and was one of several steroidal glycosides in the cactus. Scientific studies in humans using standardized extracts have failed to find a weight loss or appetite suppressing effect though. Hoodia is a source of carbohydrates, various vitamins, and trace elements. The San bushmen who live around the Kalahari desert in southern Africa used to cut off a stem about the size of a cucumber and munch on it over a couple of days. According to tradition, the hunters did not eat while hunting so that they could bring back what they caught and eat together. It is currently on a list of species at risk for endangerment, restricting the way it is harvested and sold.

Traditional Use/Benefits/Body Systems:As a famine food while on long desert hunting trips.

Clinical Studies/Scientific Research/References:

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