Flora manufacturers products for our distributing partners around the world. We have the great privilege of working together with a global health community who have the same high standards and are dedicated to uphold the supreme quality of our natural health care products to provide for you and your family sustainable solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Flora Manufacturing has been involved in export business over the last 20 years and together with our international partners has established a worldwide presence. Flora Export Division is based at our headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Both the Flora™ brand and its line of products marketed under the Udo’s Choice® label are highly regarded and in demand on a global scale. Flora™ distributes and sells its herbal remedies and health products in over 50 countries, and has a particularly strong presence in Europe and Mexico. We recognize the ever changing dynamic of international markets and cater to specific needs of each market or region. To meet the needs of its international clients, Flora™ provides customized and country-tailored support to facilitate regulatory affairs, language-specific packaging solutions, and global delivery. Our strategy of offering value added services combined with market driven approach has enabled us to build a successful global distribution network.

Comprehensive & Customized International Business Support includes:

Marketing and Sales – financial support through co-op advertising programs and other country specific tools – marketing materials customization

Regulatory affairs – both technical & financial assistance with product registration process, services of regulatory consultants

Trade Mark registration

Legal assistance when required

New Product Launch & Development support – market customization

Country & language specific packaging

Product Educational Services

Logistics Services

Spokesperson services

Sponsorship & Ambassadors arrangements

Trade Show participation

Graphic design services

R&D projects

Your success is our success. We have dedicated resources to support all facets of increasingly challenging demands of international business. Our proven success record, long standing partnerships with our distributors along with a solid brand recognition are the best testament of our credibility. We offer a world of opportunities and are constantly in search of new distributors to work with us in the markets where Flora has not yet been represented.