Flora Ambassador - Eloise Dejoria

Eloise Broady was born May 1957 in Houston, Texas. She had a lovely childhood full of horseback riding and playing in the woods and bayous surrounding Houston, which planted the seeds of her love and respect for nature. Eloise married young; her older sons, Michael and Justin Harvey, were born in Texas. Eloise began her acting and modeling career in Texas. Her very first acting gig was in a public service announcement about domestic violence. The PSA marked the beginning of her mission to support programs that fight domestic abuse and create safer lives for women. She made her film debut in 1984 in Songwriter starring Willie Nelson. In 1988, Eloise moved to Los Angeles to further her career. There she continued to model and act in a variety of film, television, and video productions. It was in L. A. in 1991 where she met John Paul DeJoria on a blind date. They were soon deeply in love. They married in 1993 and soon added son, John Anthony to their combined family of five children. Her number one joy and priority is her family life with her husband and being mother and grandmother to their large family. The DeJorias relocated to Austin in 2000. They loved the laid-back atmosphere and wished to raise their son John Anthony with the same Texas values that helped to shape Eloise. Eloise’s lifestyle has been featured on 20/20with Barbara Walters, “E” Entertainment, and in many national and international publications. She is widely recognized as the original spokesmodel for Paul Mitchell hair care products in television and print ads. An accomplished businesswoman, Eloise is a co-founder and partner in several companies and has created several health & wellness products, including a series of Pilates workout videos. Eloise, both individually and together with her husband John Paul, is a generous supporter of a number of non-profit organizations that improve the quality of people’s lives, care for the environment, protect animals, and further women’s causes. “There are no happier moments for us than when we’re doing something as a family to give back.” When not busy working or involved in philanthropy, Eloise spends time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. “I think grandchildren are a gift from God. They give you so much love and keep you young.”