Hoodia Trim Tea

When the Bushmen of Africa’s Kalahari Desert went out on long hunting trips, they would chew on the stem of the Hoodia plant when food was scarce, helping them to avoid feelings of hunger. Flora has resurrected this thousands-of-years-old secret in this delicious tea. Hoodia Trim also contains organic Green tea and Yerba mate, which both stimulate metabolism. Garcinia cambogia is a fruit with slightly citrusy taste that complements this delicious tea blend.

  • Kosher

Suggested Use

  • Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil. Pour over a bag of Flora Hoodia Trim tea and steep 1-2 minutes to desired strength. Squeeze bag gently and remove. Hot or iced, this is a sublime thirst-quencher. Enjoy a cup before meals throughout the day.


  • Green tea leaf*, yerba mate leaf*, hoodia herb, Garcinia cambogia extract.